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We report results from the first Canadian Internetworked Scientific Supercomputer project, CISS-1. The chiral recognition surfaces of the two chiral molecules cis-1,2-propyleneimine and hydrogen peroxide were investigated by ab initio methods. The potential energy surfaces (PESs) for the chiral complexes between L-cis-1,2-propylene-imine and both(More)
Transparent paper is an alternative substrate for electronic devices due to its unique properties. However, energy-intensive and/or time-consuming procedures currently limit the scalable production of transparent paper. In this report, we demonstrate a rapid process to fabricate optically transparent paper with regenerative cellulose fibers (RCFs) by(More)
We report a novel partial dissolution strategy to liberate uniform cellulose nanofibers with diameter of 5-10 nm from macroscopic cellulose fibers and promote separation of nanofibers in an aqueous environment by forming water-soluble sodium carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) through heterogeneous sodium acetoxylation of cellulose. With the obtained cellulose(More)
I certify that I have read this report and that in my opinion it is fully adequate, in scope and in quality, as partial fulllment of the degree of Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering. ii Acknowledgements I w ould like to thank my advisor Professor Roland N. Horne for his advice, guidance, and encouragement during the course of this research. Sincere(More)
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