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Immunotherapy is one of the key strategies for cancer treatment. The cGAS-cGAMP-STING-IRF3 pathway of cytosolic DNA sensing plays a pivotal role in antiviral defense. We report that the STING activator cGAMP possesses significant antitumor activity in mice by triggering the STING-dependent pathway directly. cGAMP enhances innate immune responses by inducing(More)
Interleukin-1β (IL-1β) is the prototypic pro-inflammatory cytokine, whose functions are mediated through interaction with its receptors (IL-1R1 and IL-1R2). Herein, we cloned the full-length cDNA and genomic DNA of IL-1β and IL-1R2 in the Asian swamp eel (Monopterus albus). The eel IL-1β cDNA encodes a putative polypeptide of 246 amino acids. The protein(More)
FBXL5 is a subunit of the SCFFBXL5 ubiquitin ligase complex that targets the proteasomal degradation of iron regulatory protein IRP2, which is an important regulator in iron metabolism. The degradation of FBXL5 itself is regulated in an iron- and oxygen-responsive manner through its diiron center containing Hr-like domain. Although the crystal structure of(More)
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