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We measured the momentum dependence of magnetic excitations in the model spin-1/2 2D antiferromagnetic insulator Sr2CuO2Cl2 (SCOC). We identify a single-spin-wave feature and a multimagnon continuum, with different polarization dependences. The spin waves display a large (70 meV) dispersion between the zone-boundary points (π, 0) and (π/2, π/2). Employing(More)
A laser-based (2.55 THz) mulitchord polarimeter is now operational on Alcator C-Mod and is used to make measurements of the internal magnetic field structure as well as plasma fluctuations. The polarimeter is designed to measure the Faraday effect for high-field (up to 8.3 T) and high-density (up to 5 × 10(20) m(-3)) ITER relevant plasma conditions. Initial(More)
The effects of gas flow, rotational speed, refining time and still time on rotary impeller refinement of 4004 Al alloy have been studied. The results show that the rotational speed effect of rotary impeller refinement is superior to that of gas flow, refining time and still time. The optimum purification parameters are obtained by orthogonal analysis: rotor(More)
A poloidally viewing far infrared polarimeter diagnostic is being developed for the Alcator C-Mod tokamak, and will be used to determine the q-profile and to study density and magnetic field fluctuations. A three-chord version of what will eventually be up to a ten-chord system has been designed and fabricated and will be installed on C-Mod before the end(More)
The corrosion resistance of cerium silicide, a surrogate of uranium silicide, is investigated to gain insight into the reaction of uranium silicide with water. As-received and proton-irradiated Ce3Si2, CeSii. and CeSi1.x monolithic pellets are subjected to corrosion tests in water at 300"C and 9 MPa for up to 48 h. Results show that an oxide layer composed(More)
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