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How to deploy and manage, in an efficient and adaptive way, complex applications across multiple heterogeneous cloud platforms is one of the problems that have emerged with the cloud revolution. In this paper we present context, motivations and objectives of the EU research project SeaClouds, which aims at enabling a seamless adaptive multi-cloud management(More)
Image segmentation based on watershed method always results in over-segmentation. To alleviate this problem, watershed segmentation based on multiscale morphological fusion is presented. The target image is filtered with multiscale structure element and many result images are obtained with the parallel processing. This paper does image fusion using wavelet(More)
Eliminating the noise and protecting the details in the image are the purpose of the noise reduction. The theory based on grey prediction model introduces a nonlinear filter, which is used to improve the quality of the image denoising and meanwhile keep the image details. The basic theory and the method of grey prediction model are introduced. The improved(More)
How to flexibly manage complex applications over heterogeneous clouds is one of the emerging problems in the cloud era. The OASIS Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) aims at solving this problem by providing a language to describe and manage complex cloud applications in a portable, vendor-agnostic way. TOSCA permits to(More)
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