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Molecular footprints of domestication and improvement in soybean revealed by whole genome re-sequencing
BackgroundArtificial selection played an important role in the origin of modern Glycine max cultivars from the wild soybean Glycine soja. To elucidate the consequences of artificial selectionExpand
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Chemical Constituents and Anti-platelet Aggregation Activity from the Root of Peucedanum formosanum
Analysis of the root extract of Peucedanum formosanum (Taiwan Qian-Hu) led to the isolation of 32 known compounds. The structures of these isolates were determined by spectral data. Some of themExpand
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Confirmation of SSR Markers and QTL for Seed Calcium Content and Hardness of Soybean
ABSTRACT Seed calcium content and hardness constitute determining characteristics of soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.] texture affecting soyfood quality. Molecular markers linked to these traits willExpand
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Erysiphe abbreviata on cherry bark oak—morphology, phylogeny and taxonomy
Powdery mildew on cherry bark oak (Quercus falcate var. pagodifolia) collected in Tennessee, USA, was determined to be Erysiphe abbreviata, a species confined to North America. The diagnosticallyExpand