Peng-cheng Xun

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationship between maternal weight gain and the increasing speed of weight in different pregnant terms and macrosomia. In order to reasonably manage pregnancy and decrease the morbidity of macrosomia. METHODS 106 newborns whose birth weights were equal to or greater than 4000 g were specified as macrosomia, while 106 newborn(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the safety and effectiveness of intrauterine device in Chinese women. METHODS In this multicenter randomized controlled trial, a total of 24 000 women were randomly (1:1:1) into 3 groups of Yuangong Cu 365 (YCu365), Copper T 380A (TCu380A) and Multiload Cu 375 (MLCu375). Clinical outcomes were assessed at 12 months post-insertion,(More)
In lieu of large samples of cases and/or controls with hundreds of markers spreading throughout the human genome, researchers started to notice the dramatic increase of genome-wide association study (GWAS) for complex disorders, in the last 5 years. This paper highlights the statistical challenges in such huge-scale genetic studies, and introduces the(More)
OBJECTIVE To discuss the estimation on gene-environment interaction in partial case-control studies when gene information of the controls was partly missing. METHODS The results of hot deck multiple imputation and listwise deletion analysis were compared when missing data was generated using Monte Carlo method in Stata 9.0. RESULTS Coefficients of(More)
A general analysis method is proposed that utilizes meta-analysis to incorporate similar studies in addition to our current investigation in order to obtain informative prior effect parameters in a logistic regression model. It is common in epidemiological studies that data from similar previous studies are available. The case of gene susceptibility(More)
OBJECTIVE To introduce the approaches for estimating gene-environment interaction based on partial case-control studies. METHODS The effects of logistic model and log-linear model for estimating the main effects and gene-environment interaction effect were estimated by means of maximum likelihood methods in traditional case-control studies, case-only(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the health status of automobile drivers and to define their potential years of life lost (PYLL) resulting from main death causes in Jiangsu in 1990 - 1999. METHODS The Reed-Merrell method and Makham-Gompertz equation were used to compile the abridged truncate life tables. PYLL and rate of PYLL was used to analyse death causes in 1990(More)
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