Peng Zhuang

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One of the main goals of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) is economical profit in the form of fuel consumption reduction, efficient use of existing infrastructure, pollution reduction and so on. Certainly, the economical goal is not the only one. Increasing mobility, safety and passenger comfort are other very strong motivations for implementation(More)
In recent years, wireless sensor networks have been used in applications of data gathering and target localization across large geographical areas. In this paper, we study the issues involved in applying wireless sensor networks to search and rescue of lost hikers in trails and focus on the optimal placement of sensors and access points such that the cost(More)
— Wireless sensor networks offer the potential to significantly improve the performance of pursuers in pursuit-evasion games. In this paper, we study several sensor network systems, their interaction with the pursuers, and the effect on pursuer performance. We propose a general framework to solve the pursuit-evasion problem and present new centralized as(More)
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