Peng-Yan Song

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We study numerically the imperfection effects in the quantum computing of the kicked rotator model in the regime of quantum chaos. It is shown that there are two types of physical characteristics: for one of them the quantum computation errors grow exponentially with the number of qubits in the computer, while for the other the growth is polynomial. A(More)
We investigate the localization of two interacting particles in a one-dimensional random potential. Our definition of the two-particle localization length, j, is the same as that of von Oppen et al. @Phys. Rev. Lett. 76, 491 ~1996!#. j’s for chains of finite lengths are calculated numerically using the recursive Green’s function method for several values of(More)
In this paper, a global limit state function for load-carrying capacity of structural system is firstly set up, in which the margin of safety is the difference between the limit base shear of structural system and the total horizontal seismic action. To probabilistically assess the global seismic capacity of structure, a new point estimation method (PEM)(More)
We study a microscopic model for a disordered superlattice system, which simulates the effect of intrinsic alloy fluctuation on localization in alloy superlattices. Numerical investigation of scaling behavior of the localization length shows that excitations along and perpendicular to the superlattice axis undergo a localization transition at a nonzero(More)
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