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A 3' overhang is critical for the protection and maintenance of mammalian telomeres, but its synthesis must be regulated to avoid excessive resection of the 5' end, which could cause telomere shortening. How this balance is achieved in mammals has not been resolved. Here, we determine the mechanism for 3' overhang synthesis in mouse cells by evaluating(More)
In response to DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs), cells sense the DNA lesions and then activate the protein kinase ATM. Subsequent DSB resection produces RPA-coated ssDNA that is essential for activation of the DNA damage checkpoint and DNA repair by homologous recombination (HR). However, the biochemical mechanism underlying the transition from DSB sensing(More)
Mammalian telomeres contain a single-stranded 3' overhang that is thought to mediate telomere protection. Here we identify the TRF2-interacting factor Apollo as a nuclease that contributes to the generation/maintenance of this overhang. The function of mouse Apollo was determined using Cre-mediated gene deletion, complementation with Apollo mutants, and the(More)
Bacterial community compositions were characterized using denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis analysis of bacterial 16S rRNA gene in the sediments of the Pearl River estuary. Sequencing analyses of the excised bands indicated that Gram-negative bacteria, especially Gammaproteobacteria, were dominant in the Pearl River estuary. The diversity of(More)
We present three descriptors of texture feature of a region. Namely, the homogeneous texture descriptor (HTD), the edge histogram descriptor (EHD), and the perceptual browsing descriptor (PBD). They are currently included in the Committee Draft of the MPEG-7 Visual (ISO/IEC 15938-3). Each descriptor has a unique functionality and application domain. HTD and(More)
The MYB superfamily is one of the most abundant transcription factor (TF) families in plants. MYB proteins include highly conserved N-terminal MYB repeats (1R, R2R3, 3R, and atypical) and various C-terminal sequences that confer extensive functions. However, the functions of most MYB genes are unknown, and have been little studied in Chinese cabbage. Here,(More)
A laboratory-scale anaerobic baffled reactor (ABR) with four compartments using soybean protein processing wastewater as organic loading rates (OLRs) was investigated for the performance and phase separated characteristics. It was found that the chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal efficiencies were 92-97% at 1.2-6.0kgCOD/m3d feeding. The dominated species,(More)
We investigate the discovery of social clusters from consumer photo collections. People's participation in various social activities is the base on which social clusters are formed. The photos that record those social activities can reflect the social structure of people to a certain degree, depending on the extent of coverage of the photos on the social(More)