Peng Wang

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A low noise single-ended to differential linear two-stage switched capacitor variable gain amplifier (SC-VGA) is designed in a 0.18&#x03BC;m CMOS technology for 4MHz center frequency (f<sub>c</sub>) ultrasound imaging. To simplify the clock generator and improve linearity, the voltage sampling technique is adopted to replace the charge sampling for sake of(More)
This paper presents a method for synthesizing microwave filters with source-load coupling. The equivalent circuit of the low-pass prototype of a general lossless coupled resonator filter is proposed, and the corresponding transfer function t(s) is derived. Then, two microstrip filters with source-load coupling, one symmetric and the other asymmetric, are(More)
It has become clear that repetitive sequences have played multiple roles in eukaryotic genome evolution including increasing genetic diversity through mutation, changes in gene expression and facilitating generation of novel genes. However, identification of repetitive elements can be difficult in the ab initio manner. Currently, some classical ab initio(More)
This paper presents a differential inverter-based switched-capacitor (SC) oscillator in 65 nm CMOS technology. The proposed SC oscillator is based on the continuous-time two-integrator oscillator, and the differential version is formed by the inverter-based pseudo-differential operational trans-conductance amplifier (OTA). By employing the inverter-based(More)
There is a double multiplier effect between urbanization and service industry agglomeration, and the interaction between urbanization and industrial agglomeration is realized through inter industry linkage. Based on the Chinese Provincial Panel Data from 1985-2013 and the measurement in the Eastern, Central and Western regions urbanization level and service(More)
Metro depots are where subway trains are parked and where maintenance is carried out. They usually occupy the largest ground areas in metro projects. Due to land utilization problems, Chinese cities have begun to develop over-track buildings above metro depots for people's life and work. The frequently moving trains, when going into and out of metro depots,(More)
This paper presents an inverter-based low-power low-noise switched-capacitor variable gain amplifier (SC-VGA), and an 8-channel sample-and-hold (S/H) analog beamformer (ABF) for 2-6 MHz second harmonic cardiac ultrasound imaging probes. The sampling frequency is 40 MHz in both the SC-VGA and the ABF. The SC-VGA has 8-bit gain control and achieves the(More)
This paper proposes two surfing architectures of the front-end for cardiac ultrasound imaging systems by removing the high voltage (HV) transmitter/receiver (Tx/Rx) switch in traditional ultrasound imaging systems, and connecting the input and the local ground of the Rx to the output of the Tx directly. Both advantages and challenges are presented. During(More)