Peng Wang

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SUMMARY & CONCLUSIONS This paper developed extensions to the existing research so that reliability assessment based on degradation modeling can address new problem domains that previously did not meet the required assumptions and modeling constraints. Degradation modeling is based on probabilistic modeling of a failure mechanism degradation path and(More)
We present Papertab, a paper computer with multiple 10.7" functional touch sensitive flexible electrophoretic displays. Papertab merges the benefits of working with electronic documents with the tangibility of paper documents. In Papertab, each document window is represented as a physical, functional, flexible e-paper screen called a displaywindow. Each(More)
We present PaperTab, a paper tablet computer that allows physical manipulation of windows embodied in multiple flexible displays. PaperTab offers the benefits of updating electronic information on the fly, while maintaining the haptic/kinesthetic feedback of tangible documents, as each document is a fully functional, paper-like E Ink display. We present(More)
In the background of exhaustion of the traditional fossil energy sources, developing renewable energy has become a strategic choice for China to achieve energy sustainable utilization and energy security. The coordination between renewable energy generation and the traditional power grid is a problem that needs to be solved in the development of the power(More)
Interest in flexible and non-planar devices has put a spotlight on flexible circuits, a technology that has been around for more than forty years. This Studio will introduce the prototyping of flexible electronic circuits at a low cost. The participants will be participating in brainstorming an interesting electronic project, designing circuit layout for(More)
We present BodiPod, a 3D 360° stereoscopic human anatomy browser. Our cylindrical display allows users to view a human anatomy volume at full scale from any perspective. Shutter glasses are only required if users want to examine the data stereoscopically. Users can change views simply by walking around the display volume, and interact with the human(More)
—Reactive power plays a significant role in power system operation. However, in reliability evaluation, attention has seldom been paid to reactive power. In conventional power system reliability evaluations, the fixed maximum and minimum values are applied as the reactive power limits of generators. Failures of reactive power sources are rarely considered.(More)
With the rapid development of renewable energy, power supply structure is changing. However, thermal power is still dominant. With the background in low carbon economy, reasonable adjustment and optimization of the power supply structure is the trend of future development in the power industry. It is also a reliable guarantee of a fast, healthy and stable(More)
Metro depots are where subway trains are parked and where maintenance is carried out. They usually occupy the largest ground areas in metro projects. Due to land utilization problems, Chinese cities have begun to develop over-track buildings above metro depots for people's life and work. The frequently moving trains, when going into and out of metro depots,(More)
To improve the accuracy of identification and the damage efficiency for underwater target, this paper researched the processing algorithm of moving trajectory for underwater target. This paper ameliorated the conventional Kalman filter algorithm in order to obtain true moving trajectory of underwater target, adopted state space description method and(More)