Peng Wang

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We present PaperTab, a paper tablet computer that allows physical manipulation of windows embodied in multiple flexible displays. PaperTab offers the benefits of updating electronic information on the fly, while maintaining the haptic/kinesthetic feedback of tangible documents, as each document is a fully functional, paper-like E Ink display. We present(More)
We present Papertab, a paper computer with multiple 10.7" functional touch sensitive flexible electrophoretic displays. Papertab merges the benefits of working with electronic documents with the tangibility of paper documents. In Papertab, each document window is represented as a physical, functional, flexible e-paper screen called a displaywindow. Each(More)
The simulcast transmission of the DRM and AM is an important approach during the interim from the analogue AM to digital AM broadcasting below 30 MHz. The reduction of out-of-band (OOB) radiation of OFDM signals in simulcast systems is one of the essential issues. In this paper, we introduce the concept of the cancellation carriers (CCs) which suppress the(More)
Commodity software components are intrinsically untrustworthy and it is highly insecure to use them directly in mission critical systems. The trustworthiness of a system can be only vaguely specified or achieved without a quantifiable level of assurance measurement of the components used in the system. While large amounts of research efforts have been(More)
At present, the adjustment of train operation plans is undertaken generally before a comparatively long planning horizon such as 3 hours by the dispatchers via the workstation of train scheduling, which can not meet the requirements of optimization and real-time processing in the networked operation with medium- and high-speed trains. This paper establishes(More)
Interest in flexible and non-planar devices has put a spotlight on flexible circuits, a technology that has been around for more than forty years. This Studio will introduce the prototyping of flexible electronic circuits at a low cost. The participants will be participating in brainstorming an interesting electronic project, designing circuit layout for(More)
We present BodiPod, a 3D 360° stereoscopic human anatomy browser. Our cylindrical display allows users to view a human anatomy volume at full scale from any perspective. Shutter glasses are only required if users want to examine the data stereoscopically. Users can change views simply by walking around the display volume, and interact with the human(More)
This paper studies the tight integration of D2D communication into an LTE-Advanced network and the performance of D2D multi-hop communication. The main focus is on the capacity of the proposed system with multiple idle UEs acting as relays. The relays are chosen to form multi-hop communication and connect with both active UEs through D2D technology.(More)
A novel tamed spread spectrum communication system with long PN (Pseudo Random) code is proposed and its receiver FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) implementation method is also designed. Meanwhile, the performance of the receiver is verified by simulation. In the system, two M sequences with the length of 2048 are used. One is used to transmit data, and(More)