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There are usually repetitive sub-segments in broadcast videos, which may be associated with high-level concepts or events, e.g., news footage, repeated scores in basketball. Unsupervised mining techniques provide generic solutions to discovering such temporal patterns in various video genres, which are currently the subject of great interests to researchers(More)
—In this paper, we propose a method for two typical mid-level descriptors extraction of soccer video: view type and playfield position. The output reveals high-level structure of the soccer video. After the robust playfield segmentation, the grass-area-ratio and the boundary approximate lines between playfield and non-playfield are using to classify each(More)
Automatic concept detection is a crucial aspect of automatically indexing unstructured multimedia archives. However, the current prevalence of one-per-class detectors neglect inherent concept relationships and operate in isolation. This is insufficient when analyzing content gathered from wearable visual sensing, in which concepts occur with high diversity(More)
Circles packing problem with equilibrium constraints is difficult to solve due to its NP-hard nature. Aiming at this NP-hard problem, three swarm intelligence algorithms are employed to solve this problem. Particle Swarm Optimization and Ant Colony Optimization has been used for the circular packing problem with equilibrium constraints. In this paper,(More)