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Lanzhou University is cooperating with Kent State University on the Web-based Mathematics Education (WME) project. Per teacher and per class control, editing, and customization are important advantages of the WME system. The basic Topic Module (TM), Topic Lesson Page (TLP), and Visibility-Control Section (Vsec) already go a long way to achieve these(More)
The aim of this paper is to present an integrated decision making framework for weapon application under uncertain environment. Within this framework, concise decision rules are extracted initially from original decision data based on fuzzy rough set theory. A set of appropriate weapon systems are identified through intuitionistic fuzzy reasoning using(More)
Based on the diffusing theories of knowledge, through investigation of the data between 2006-2008 of the 21 cities in Guang dong province, an input-output model of innovation with information transparency is built, first using common econometric model and spatial econometric models based on geographical adjacency between two regions and then compared the(More)
In infrastructure financed projects, in order to attract private investors, host governments often provide some guarantees. This paper develops a value model of non-competition guarantee with real option theory. The model is applied to infrastructure financed projects using the non-competition guarantee under derivation. The derivation results indicate(More)
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