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—Mobile cloud computing, promising to extend the capabilities of resource-constrained mobile devices, is emerging as a new computing paradigm which has fostered a wide range of exciting applications. In this new paradigm, efficient data transmission between the cloud and mobile devices becomes essential. This, however, is highly unreliable and unpredictable(More)
—Many mobile applications require frequent wireless transmissions between the content provider and mobile devices, consuming much energy in mobile devices. Motivated by the popularity of prefetch-friendly or delay-tolerant apps (e.g., social networking, app updates, cloud storage), we design and implement an application-layer transmission protocol, AppATP,(More)
Community question answering (Q&A) is a new knowledge-sharing model where a large number of questions and answers are accumulated through the user’s submission. When the user submits a new question, the Q&A system can provide the accurate answers list by the learning model. The traditional ranking algorithm mainly uses a large number of labeled data to(More)
Recent works using artificial neural networks based on word distributed representation greatly boost the performance of various natural language learning tasks, especially question answering. Though, they also carry along with some attendant problems, such as corpus selection for embedding learning, dictionary transformation for different learning tasks,(More)
This paper presents a preliminary study of the correlation between modern logistics industry and urban economic development at Shenzhen. The analysis has been conducted to realize the problems and the challenges that the modern logistics industry facing, and the impact on the urban economic development. Furthermore, in connection with the developments of(More)
Firstly, this paper combines the principles of inventory management under VMI and characteristics of the system dynamics in decision making the research on the supplier strategy under VMI suitability and superiority. Secondly, according to the demand of real system and the requirements of system dynamics models, we delimit the boundary of this model.(More)
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