Peng Shu

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—Mobile cloud computing, promising to extend the capabilities of resource-constrained mobile devices, is emerging as a new computing paradigm which has fostered a wide range of exciting applications. In this new paradigm, efficient data transmission between the cloud and mobile devices becomes essential. This, however, is highly unreliable and unpredictable(More)
—Many mobile applications require frequent wireless transmissions between the content provider and mobile devices, consuming much energy in mobile devices. Motivated by the popularity of prefetch-friendly or delay-tolerant apps (e.g., social networking, app updates, cloud storage), we design and implement an application-layer transmission protocol, AppATP,(More)
Recent works using artificial neural networks based on word distributed representation greatly boost the performance of various natural language learning tasks, especially question answering. Though, they also carry along with some attendant problems, such as corpus selection for embedding learning, dictionary transformation for different learning tasks,(More)
Menghai rhabdovirus (MRV) was isolated from Aedes albopictus in Menghai county of Yunnan Province, China, in August 2010. Whole-genome sequencing of MRV was performed using an Ion PGM™ Sequencer. We found that MRV is a single-stranded, negative-sense RNA virus. The complete genome of MRV has 10,744 nt, with short inverted repeat termini, encoding five(More)
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is an increasing cause of serious infection, both in the community and hospital settings. Despite sophisticated strategies and efforts, the antibiotic options for treating MRSA infection are narrowing because of the limited number of newly developed antimicrobials. Here, four newly-isolated MRSA-virulent(More)
Bacteriophages predominate in the biosphere and outnumber their hosts by at least one order of magnitude (Srinivasiah et al., 2008). They have been used for over 90 years as an alternative to antibiotics in Eastern Europe (Deresinski, 2009). With the increasing emergence of antibiotic resistance, the therapeutic potential of bacte-riophages is being(More)
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