Peng Shi

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Semantics exhibits diversity in the real world, mental abstraction world, document world, and machine world. Studying mappings between different forms of semantics helps unveil the uniformity in the diversity. This article investigates the mappings between three typical semantic models: the Web ontology language (OWL), relational database model, and(More)
Semantics shows diversity in real world, document world, mental abstraction world and machine world. Transformation between semantics pursues the uniformity in the diversity. The Resource Space Model (RSM) is a semantic data model for organizing resources based on the classification semantics that human often use in understanding the real world. The design(More)
Resource Space Model (RSM) is a semantic model to manage and share heterogeneous resources on the Internet. This paper focuses on the general architecture, physical implementation and application of RSM. The RSM system adopts Client/Server mode for users to utilize resource spaces through the Inter-net. The resource spaces are designed based on domain(More)
In the current Web, e-document has been the most common vehicle for delivering and exchanging information. As the amount of e-documents has grown enormously, effective classification facilities are urgently needed to classify and query e-documents users want. In this paper, we propose a method to classify e-documents into a set of predefined categories(More)
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