Peng Pan

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| W e describe a one-joint planar arm which r e-peatedly throws and catches parts on its surface, and we demonstrate that proper choice of the throw v elocity a n d arm geometry guarantees that the part will enter a unique recurrent motion pattern from a large set of initial conngu-rations. The resulting system resembles an open-loop stable juggler of(More)
This study investigates natural single-arm interaction with kinematic constraints. Smooth, frictionless, kinematic constraints reduce the degrees-of-freedom of motion at the hand, but add force freedoms. These force freedoms allow the hand to push and pull against the constraints with no effect on the task. Understanding how subjects take advantage of(More)
Service Oriented Architectures enable a multitude of Web services  to provide loosely coupled and interoperable services at different Quality of Service level in the recent few years. This paper presents a framework to facilitate dynamic service composition, selection and adaptation of QoS-aware Web services. Considering both functional and QoS(More)
In recent years, there has been a massive explosion of multimedia content on the web, multi-modal examples such as images associated with tags can be easily accessed from social website such as Flickr. In this paper, we consider two classification tasks: supervised and semi-supervised multi-modal image classification, to take advantage of the increasing(More)