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Bicrystalline α-Fe2O3 nanoblades (NBs) synthesized by thermal oxidation of iron foils were reduced in vacuum, to study the effect of reduction treatment on microstructural changes and photocatalytic properties. After the vacuum reduction, most bicrystalline α-Fe2O3 NBs transform into single-layered NBs, which contain more defects such as oxygen vacancies,(More)
The imino group-contained porous organic polytriphenylamine, which originated from diphenylamine and 1,3,5-tris(4-bromophenyl)benzene, was designedly synthesized though Buchwald-Hartwig coupling reaction. The basic properties including morphologies, structure and thermal stability of the resulting POPs were investigated by scanning electron microscope(SEM),(More)
Conjugated microporous polymers having thiophene building blocks (SCMPs), which originated from ethynylbenzene monomers with 2,3,5-tribromothiophene, were designedly synthesized through Pd(0)/CuI catalyzed Sonogashira-Hagihara cross-coupling polymerization. The morphologies, structure and physicochemical properties of the as-synthesized products were(More)
Two conjugated microporous polymers containing thiophene-moieties (SCMPs) were obtained by the polymerization of 3,3',5,5'-tetrabromo-2,2'-bithiophene and ethynylbenzene monomers through the palladium-catalyzed Sonogashira-Hagihara crosscoupling reaction. The resulting SCMPs show high thermal stability with a decomposition temperature above 300 °C. Scanning(More)
More and more debris flows were caused by human activities. Firstly its definition of human debris flows was set up, the correlation between the two objects was analyzed. It think that human activities destroy the ecological environment so that had effect on the Forming condition and the development of the human debris flows through the following three(More)
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