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Keywords: Multiple criteria decision making Design of experiment Grey relational analysis Rapid prototyping process Flexible manufacturing system Automated inspection systems a b s t r a c t To improve the market competitiveness of enterprises in the manufacturing industry, some of them involve picking the most appropriate strategies among multiple(More)
Translation based steganography (TBS) is a kind of relatively new and secure linguistic steganography proposed. It takes advantage of the " noise " created by automatic translation of natural language text to encode the secret information. Up to date, there is little research on the steganalysis against this kind of linguistic steganography. In this paper,(More)
With such increasing popularity and availability of digital text data, authorships of digital texts can not be taken for granted due to the ease of copying and parsing. This paper presents a new text style analysis called natural frequency zoned word distribution analysis (NFZ-WDA), and then a basic authorship attribution scheme and an open authorship(More)
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