Peng Liang

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Carrier interferometry (CI) may be used to spread OFDM symbols over all N subcarriers to exploit frequency diversity without loss in throughput. In this paper, we implement the OFDM (uncoded and coded) system incorporated with the carrier interferometry and VBLAST (Vertical Bell Laboratories layered Space-Time) to undertake performance comparison in(More)
It is an important problem to extract features from Chi- nese documents for protecting intellectual property. The ex- isting approaches are major oriented to words frequency or semantic, they can't extract features efficiently. By mapping Chinese documents into an ordered set of integers, we find that a Chinese document can be corresponded to a unique(More)
This paper presents a low complexity deterministic sequential Monte Carlo (DSMC) detection scheme, called multi-level mapping DSMC detector, for high-order QAM constellations. The new scheme utilizes the property of QAM constellation and performs the sequence weight calculation in steps of two bits, which reduces the complexity. Being soft-input soft-output(More)
The fundamental theory of over-saturated wavelet packet multiple access (OWPMA) in mobile communication is briefly introduced in this paper. By properly selecting over-saturated codes, two OWPMA codes sets (more users than dimensions) are constructed: lowest scale OWPMA code set and orthogonal lowest scale OWPMA code set. For lowest scale OWPMA code set,(More)
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