Peng-Liang Wang

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UNLABELLED Cytoscape is a popular bioinformatics package for biological network visualization and data integration. Version 2.8 introduces two powerful new features--Custom Node Graphics and Attribute Equations--which can be used jointly to greatly enhance Cytoscape's data integration and visualization capabilities. Custom Node Graphics allow an image to be(More)
Cytoscape is a free software package for visualizing, modeling and analyzing molecular and genetic interaction networks. This protocol explains how to use Cytoscape to analyze the results of mRNA expression profiling, and other functional genomics and proteomics experiments, in the context of an interaction network obtained for genes of interest. Five major(More)
Cytoscape is open-source software for integration, visualization and analysis of biological networks. It can be extended through Cytoscape plugins, enabling a broad community of scientists to contribute useful features. This growth has occurred organically through the independent efforts of diverse authors, yielding a powerful but heterogeneous set of(More)
Insufficient number of examined lymph nodes (eLNs) was considered to increase significantly the risk of stage migration in gastric cancer patients. The aim of our study is to establish a nomogram predicting the overall survival (OS) for patients with an insufficient number of eLNs. A total of 872 gastric cancer patients with extended lymphadenectomies were(More)
This paper describes the identification of chlorhexidine, an agent commonly used in clinical as a novel potential allosteric inhibitor of PAK1. In cellular assays, chlorhexidine showed a good inhibitory profile, and its inhibitory profile was even better than IPA-3, a well-known allosteric inhibitor. In pharmacology experiments, chlorhexidine successfully(More)
To take full advantage of high-throughput genetic and physical interaction mapping projects, the raw interactions must first be assembled into models of cell structure and function. PanGIA (for physical and genetic interaction alignment) is a plug-in for the bioinformatics platform Cytoscape, designed to integrate physical and genetic interactions into(More)
In order to reveal genetic diversity of domestic Andrographis paniculata and its impact on quality, genetic backgrounds of 103 samples from 7 provinces in China were analyzed using SRAP marker and SNP marker. Genetic structures of the A. paniculata populations were estimated with Powermarker V 3.25 and Mega 6.0 software, and polymorphic SNPs were identified(More)
A solution molecular model for the conformationally dynamically heterogeneous Pyrococcus furiosus ferredoxin with an intact disulfide bond has been constructed on the basis of reported (1)H NMR spectral parameters using distance geometry and simulated annealing protocols. Conventional long-mixing time NOESY and H-bonding constraints have been augmented by(More)
Background Many studies investigated the association between alcohol drinking and gastric cancer risk, but the results were controversial. We performed a meta-analysis of observational studies to explore the association. Materials and Methods We searched PubMed to identify the relevant studies that reported the association between alcohol drinking and(More)
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