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Acoustic separation of circulating tumor cells
Significance The separation and analysis of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) provides physicians a minimally invasive way to monitor the response of cancer patients to various treatments. Among theExpand
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Analysis of power pattern in CLAS with the material thickness and properties error through interval arithmetic
A novel analytical approach based on interval arithmetic is proposed to investigate the effect of material thickness and properties errors on the average power pattern in the conformal load-bearingExpand
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Microstructure, residual stress and mechanical properties of a high strength steel weld using low transformation temperature welding wires
Abstract Tensile residual stress (RS) induced by inhomogeneous temperature history and shrinkage during solidification in the welding process tends to reduce the lifetime of a welded structure. TwoExpand
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Controlling cell–cell interactions using surface acoustic waves
Significance We present a unique acoustic well approach that can precisely control cell-to-cell distance and cell–cell interactions. Our technology can achieve high precision and high throughputExpand
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A Task Assignment Approach with Maximizing User Type Diversity in Mobile Crowdsensing
This paper formalizes a novel task assignment problem in MCS, where a task needs the cooperation of various types of users, and the quality of a task is highly related to the type diversity of the recruited users. Expand
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Improved motion contrast and processing efficiency in OCT angiography using complex-correlation algorithm
The complex-based OCT angiography (Angio-OCT) offers high motion contrast by combining both the intensity and phase information. Expand
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Wind Turbine Pitch Control and Load Mitigation Using an L1 Adaptive Approach
We present an application of adaptive output feedback control design to wind turbine collective pitch control and load mitigation. Our main objective is the design of an output feedback controllerExpand
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STEP-NC Compliant Intelligent Process Planning Module: Architecture and Knowledge Base
Abstract STEP-NC (ISO 14649) is a new feature-based machine tool control language between CAM and CNC. In contrast with conventional G&M code (ISO 6983), it could provide richer and more machiningExpand
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Azimuthal vector beam exciting silver triangular nanoprisms for increasing the performance of surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) with high-sensitivity performance is a very necessary detection technology. Here, we present a method for increasing the performance of SERS based on silverExpand
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Angle-of-Arrival Estimation of Microwave Signals Based on Optical Phase Scanning
A photonic method to estimate the angle-of-arrival (AOA) of microwave signals based on optical phase scanning is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. At remote antenna unit (RAU), one receivedExpand
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