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Similarity Metric Learning for Face Recognition
  • Q. Cao, Yiming Ying, Peng Li
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision
  • 1 December 2013
This paper develops a novel regularization framework to learn similarity metrics for unconstrained face verification by incorporating the robustness to the large intra-personal variations and the discriminative power of novel similarity metrics. Expand
Distance Metric Learning with Eigenvalue Optimization
A novel metric learning approach called DML-eig is introduced which is shown to be equivalent to a well-known eigen value optimization problem called minimizing the maximal eigenvalue of a symmetric matrix. Expand
Dynamical Properties and Design Analysis for Nonvolatile Memristor Memories
By starting from basicmemristor device equations, a comprehensive set of properties and design equations for memristor based memories are developed, specifically targeting key electrical memristOr device characteristics relevant to memory operations. Expand
Understanding integer overflow in C/C++
IOC, a dynamic checking tool for integer overflows, is developed and used to conduct the first detailed empirical study of the prevalence and patterns of occurrence ofinteger overflows in C and C++ code, and shows that intentional uses of wraparound behaviors are more common than is widely believed. Expand
AtPID: Arabidopsis thaliana protein interactome database—an integrative platform for plant systems biology
AtPID is a rich source of information for system-level understanding of gene function and biological processes in A. thaliana and was built via an intuitive query interface that provides easy access to the important features of proteins. Expand
Nonvolatile memristor memory: Device characteristics and design implications
The fundamental electrical properties of memristor devices are characterized by encapsulating them into a set of compact closed-form expressions and derivations are investigated to investigate the design of read and write circuits and analyze data integrity and noise-tolerance issues. Expand
GKLEE: concolic verification and test generation for GPUs
This work provides a new framework called GKLEE that can analyze C++ GPU programs, locating the aforesaid correctness and performance bugs and describes previously unknown bugs and performance issues that it detected on commercial SDK kernels. Expand
Downgrading policies and relaxed noninterference
This paper presents a generalized framework of downgrading policies that generalizes traditional pure noninterference and precisely characterizes the information released due to downgrading. Expand
The influence of the diffusion of responsibility effect on outcome evaluations: Electrophysiological evidence from an ERP study
The results probably indicate that the feedback-related negativity (FRN) and the P300 reflect personal responsibility processing under the social context of diffusion of responsibility. Expand
Memory partitioning for multidimensional arrays in high-level synthesis
An automatic memory partitioning scheme for multidimensional arrays based on linear transformation to provide high data throughput of on-chip memories for the loop pipelining in high-level synthesis and a heuristic solution based on memory padding to achieve a near optimal solution with a small logic overhead are proposed. Expand