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This paper studies the evolution of self appraisal, social power and interpersonal influences<lb>for a group of individuals who discuss and form opinions about a sequence of issues. Our empirical model<lb>combines the averaging rule by DeGroot to describe opinion formation processes and the reflected appraisal<lb>mechanism by Friedkin to describe the(More)
Oral microbiota plays a vital role in maintaining the homeostasis of oral cavity. Dental caries are among the most common oral diseases in children and pathogenic bacteria contribute to the development of the disease. However, the overall structure of bacterial communities in the oral cavity from children with dental caries has not been explored deeply(More)
Spatially accurate, contemporary data on human population distributions are vitally important to many applied and theoretical researchers. The Southeast Asia region has undergone rapid urbanization and population growth over the past decade, yet existing spatial population distribution datasets covering the region are based principally on population count(More)
Iron overload is widely regarded as a risk factor for osteoporosis. It has been demonstrated that iron can inhibit osteoblast differentiation. However, the effects of iron on osteoclast differentiation and bone resorption remain controversial. In this study, we found that ferric ion promoted Receptor Activator of Nuclear Factor κ B Ligand (RANKL)-induced(More)
Centipede venoms are complex mixtures of biochemically and pharmacologically active components such as peptides and proteins. Very few are known about their pharmacological actions. The present work reports the structural and functional characterization of two antimicrobial peptides (scolopin 1 and -2) identified from centipede venoms of Scolopendra(More)
This article focuses on the evolution of interpersonal influences in a group of stubborn individuals as they discuss a sequence of issues. Each individual opinion about a single issue is updated based upon the convex combination of the individual's current opinion, the neighbors' current opinion, and the individual's initial opinion; the attachment to the(More)
In any modern society, individuals interact to form opinions on various topics, including economic, political, and social aspects. Opinions evolve as the result of the continuous exchange of information among individuals where interpersonal influences play the key role. The study of influence network evolution has wide applications in the field of social(More)
Traditional nonlinear manifold learning methods have achieved great success in dimensionality reduction and feature extraction, most of which are batch modes. However, if new samples are observed, the batch methods need to be calculated repeatedly, which is computationally intensive, especially when the number or dimension of the input samples are large.(More)
In this study, we built up a database of 570 species from an alpine meadow on the eastern Tsinghai–Tibet plateau. We examined the correlation of seed mass and germination with phylogeny, habitat and altitude, and the relationship between seed mass and germination. We found that: habitats had no significant effects on seed mass and germinability, which was(More)
We investigate spectrum sensing by energy detection based on two different objective functions: a Bayesian sensing cost or the network weighted sum capacity. The Bayesian cost is a traditional detection measure which aims at minimizing a combination of the miss-detection and false-alarm probabilities, while the capacity objective is a communication measure(More)