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Feature selection is viewed as an important preprocessing step for pattern recognition, machine learning and data mining. It is used to find an optimal subset to reduce computational cost, increase the classification accuracy and improve result comprehensibility. In this paper, a weighted distance learning approach is introduced to minimize Leaving-One-Out(More)
OBJECTIVE CD4(+) latency-associated peptide (LAP)(+) regulatory T cells (Tregs) are a newly discovered T cell subset in humans and the role of these cells in patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) has not been explored. We designed to investigate whether circulating frequency and function of CD4(+)LAP(+) Tregs are defective in ACS. METHODS One(More)
This paper presents an optimization control strategy for power control of VSC-HVDC under unbalanced grid voltage conditions. For simple implementation and flexible operation, the current references are derived and synthesized into one generalized equation introducing two individually adaptable parameters. The two parameters can be adapted to eliminate the(More)
A novel micro ultrasonic motor for multi-channel actuator control is proposed. It is composed of a stator constituted with a ring and two rod-shaped transducers and two cone shaped rotors. Two rod-shaped transducers have rectangular cross section, where four sets of piezoelectric element are bolted. Two sets excite longitudinal vibrations of the bars, and(More)
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