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BACKGROUND A number of genes have been identified to be related with primary osteoporosis while less is known about the comprehensive interactions between regulating genes and proteins. We aimed to identify the differentially expressed genes (DEGs) and regulatory effects of transcription factors (TFs) involved in primary osteoporosis. MATERIAL/METHODS The(More)
Lactobacillus casei Zhang, a potential probiotic strain isolated from homemade koumiss in Inner Mongolia of China, has been sequenced and deposited in GenBank. Real-time quantitative PCR is one of the most widely used methods to study related gene expression levels of Lactobacillus casei Zhang. For accurate and reliable gene expression analysis,(More)
The World Health Organization plans to incorporate "traditional medicine" into the next revision of its International Classification of Diseases-Version 11 (ICD-11). If traditional medicine is included in ICD-11, it is definitely an epoch-making issue. The expected result is the International Classification of Traditional Medicine, China, Japan and Korea(More)
Stachybotrys chartarum (atra) is a toxigenic fungus frequently found in water-damaged buildings. Although microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOCs) produced by Aspergillus, Penicillium, and other fungi have been investigated extensively, little information exists on what MVOCs can be produced by S. chartarum. In this study, three strains of S. chartarum(More)
One of the approaches in chemoprevention to prevent or delay the progression of precancerous lesions, is to apply chemopreventive agents that can potentially block angiogenesis. A quantitative in vivo angiogenesis inhibition assay was developed to test the efficacy of twelve chemopreventive agents that represent different chemical classes and multiple(More)
This review focuses on the physical requirements for conducting ensemble testing and describes the salient issues that organizations involved in the design, test, or certification of personal protective equipment (PPE) and protective clothing ensembles need to consider for strategic planning. Several current and proposed PPE ensemble test practices and(More)
Soybean is a typical short-day crop, and its photoperiodic response of flowering is critical to its yield. This phenomenon was well studied during the last century, but the molecular mechanism governing it is unknown. The clock-gene homologs, GmLCL1 and GmLCL2 (Glycine max LHY/CCA1 Like 1 and 2) and GmTOC1 (Glycine max TOC1) were cloned from Glycine max L.(More)
The Japanese traditional herbal medicine, Kampo, has gradually reemerged and 148 different formulations (mainly herbal extracts) can be prescribed within the national health insurance system. The objective of this article is to introduce Kampo and to present information from previous clinical studies that tested Kampo formulae. In addition, suggestions on(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the possibility of cartilage tissue engineering using human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) and to investigate the quantitative relationship between hMSCs and engineered cartilage. DESIGN Human mesenchymal stem cells were cultured, cryopreserved, and expanded in vitro. Surface antigens were detected by flow cytometry. In vitro(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the success and failure factors with rib cartilage graft laryngotracheal reconstruction for severe laryngotracheal stenosis for improving the rate of successful decannulation. METHODS Thirty-six cases with severe laryngotracheal stenosis, received rib cartilage graft for laryngotracheal reconstruction during the last 18 years in our(More)