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Effects of Water Stress on Photosynthetic Characteristics of Catalpa bungei
It was seen that Nan-yang,Guang-ye,Zhou-2 and Jin-si was more tolerant to water stress than 'Yu-1',Qiu-shu,Zi-Shu and Yuan-chang, and the decreases of Pn and Ci were not caused by stomatal conductance,but they are due to the decrease of photosynthetic capacity of mesophyll cells. Expand
Research Advances about Low-temperature-induced Proteins and the Cold Tolerance in Plants
The properties of several low-temperature-induced proteins such as AFPs,DHNs and HSPs are reviewed to offer new trains of thought to clarify the molecular mechanisms about the cold tolerance in plants and also to the studies of enhancing the coldolerance in plants. Expand
Comparison on cold resistance of different Toona sinensis provenances.
1-year Toona sinensis seedlings from ten provenances were chosen for study of their cold resistance and it was concluded that LT50 of intro and living stems was similar. Expand
Sporogenesis and Gametogenesis of Catalpa bungei(Bignoniaceae)
It was considered that the barrenness of Catalpa bungei was not due to male or female sterility,although some proportional abortion exist in the development of pistil and stamen, maybe it was related to pollination,fertilization and post embryonic development. Expand
Effect of NaCl stress on chlorophyll fluorescence parameter in leaf of five tree species seedling.
It is suggested that the adaptability of five species to NaCl stress is various, in which, the tolerance of R.pseudoacacia,T.sinensis and C.bungei to Nacl stress is stronger, and that of F.griffithii is weaker, while Q.rubra is the most sensitive to Na Cl stress. Expand
Effect of NaCl stress on ultrastructure of mesophyll cells of five tree species introduced from North America.
In order to definite the salt tolerance of five tree species introduced from North America, the ultrastructure of mesophyll cells of one-year-old seedlings of them after treated with 0(CK),4 and 8 g·L-1NaCl was observed and compared by TEM technique and it is conjectured that the tolerance to NaCl stress of A.rubra and F.americana is stronger while that of N.aquatica is the weakest. Expand
Difference analysis of seed morphological characters and oil quality of Pistacia chinensis from different provenances.
The result of comprehensive analysis indicates that P.chinensis seeds from Pengze of Jiangxi are big and plump and can be used as good seed resources of biofuel materials. Expand
The Dynamic Changes of Proteins and Activities of Nitrogen Metabolism Enzymes in Ginkgo biloba Seeds During Germination
The dynamic changes of proteins,amino acid and activities of nitrogen metabolism enzymes in Ginkgo biloba seeds were studied during the different germination stages.The results indicated that theExpand
Difference analysis of seed quality of Toona sinensis from different provenances and fine individual
The results showed that there were remarkable difference among seed length, width, germination rate, and contents of protein,soluble sugar,starch,free aminoacids andcrude fat inseeds from different provenances of Toona sinensis Roem. Expand