Peng-Cheng Sung

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This study uses mathematical modeling to examine a multi-product economic manufacturing quantity (EMQ) model with an enhanced end items issuing policy and rework failures. We assume that a multi-product EMQ model randomly generates nonconforming items. All of the defective are reworked, but a certain portion fails and becomes scraps. When rework process(More)
A simple obstacle detection device, based upon an automobile parking sensor, was assessed as a mobility aid for the visually impaired. A questionnaire survey for mobility needs was performed at the start of this study. After the detector was developed, five blindfolded sighted and 15 visually impaired participants were invited to conduct travel experiments(More)
UNLABELLED This study examined the effects of glovebox gloves for 11 females on maximum grip and key pinch strength and on contact forces generated from simulated tasks of a roller, a pair of tweezers and a crescent wrench. The independent variables were gloves fabricated of butyl, CSM/hypalon and neoprene materials; two glove thicknesses; and layers of(More)
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