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Compromised machines are one of the key security threats on the Internet; they are often used to launch various security attacks such as spamming and spreading malware, DDoS, and identity theft. Given that spamming provides a key economic incentive for attackers to recruit the large number of compromised machines, we focus on the detection of the(More)
This paper develops and studies a traffic-aware inter-domain routing (TIDR) protocol, which drastically improves the stability of the BGP-based inter-domain routing system. TIDR is designed based on two important Internet properties—the Internet access non-uniformity and the prevalence of transient failures. In TIDR, a network prefix is classified at an AS(More)
This paper presents the satellite television remote control system based on brain-computer interface. The Brain Controlled Satellite Television Remote System (BCSTRS) is a real time system that can help the patients suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis(ALS) to select TV channels or adjust volume using their brain waves. In this paper we propose an(More)
Removing the noise while keeping the image features like edges, textures is a challenging problem in image denoising. Because it is an under-determined problem, defining appropriate image priors to regularize the problem plays an important role. Recently a popular one among proposed image priors is the graph Laplacian regularizer, which can exploit the(More)
Blind deblurring attempts to recover the latent sharp image from a blurred one. Such task is a well-known ill-posed inverse problem and is therefore usually solved as a posteriori probability estimation, incorporating prior information on natural images. In this paper, we propose a general blind noisy deblurring model based on hyper Laplacian (HL) in(More)
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