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In this paper, we consider the problem of moving target detection, and a novel radar system with multiple moving platforms is proposed. Each moving platform is equipped with multiple colocated antennas and serves as a transmitter or a receiver. Thus, this system possesses the advantages of both distributed and colocated multiple-input multiple-output(More)
This work investigates the estimation of target scattering coefficients (TSC) in cognitive radar systems with temporally correlated targets. An estimation method based on Kalman filtering (KF) is proposed to exploit the temporal TSC correlation between the pulses in the frequency domain. To minimize the mean square error of the estimated TSC at each KF(More)
The problems of m-ary Position Phase Shift Keying (MPPSK) signal demodulation and anti-interference were considered. A novel matched filtering scheme of the MPPSK demodulator which used output signal of the special impacting filter were proposed. The interference was filtered out by coherent processing and band-pass filtering, then the output waveform was(More)
In this paper, the clutter estimation problem in the bistatic multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) radar system is considered, and a novel compressed sensing (CS)-based model is proposed to describe the clutter by exploiting the clutter sparsity in the angle domain. Then, the CS-based methods are adopted to reconstruct the sparse clutter, and to(More)
This paper presents an optimum weighted cumulation target detection (OWCTD) algorithm and prewhitening processing matrix for resonance region multi-carrier radar, and points out that the target detection performance of the wideband multi-carrier pulse radar using OWCTD algorithm is better than the traditional match filter algorithm. In addition, this paper(More)
The problems of optimal design transmission waveform and sensing matrix in the compressive sensing radar (CSR) system were considered. A new iteration algorithm was proposed for joint design transmission waveform and sensing matrix. This algorithm had better rate of convergence and less mutual coherence than traditional design methods. We gave simulation(More)