Penelope Perry

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Reports in the literature about cinnamon oil toxicity are limited to allergic reactions and local irritant effects from dermatologic exposure. Cinnamon oil is easily obtained from pharmacies in 5-10 ml amounts for use as a flavoring agent and in craft items. Within a 5-mo period the Pittsburgh Poison Center (PPC) documented 32 cases of cinnamon oil abuse;(More)
AIM To determine the effectiveness of the Health Care Intervention Service (HIS), an early intervention program for general hospital patients with alcohol dependence or at risk for alcohol dependence. DESIGN, SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS HIS consists of screening, assessment and assignment to either full or risk-reduction intervention. Full intervention(More)
Maintenance of water balance is essential to normal physiologic function and vigorous aging. Older adults, however, frequently experience alterations in fluid homeostasis, which result in dehydration. This article describes the physiology of water balance, age-related changes that influence fluid regulation, and associated risk factors for dehydration in(More)
Many long-term prospective studies have reported on associations of cardiovascular diseases with circulating lipid markers and/or inflammatory markers. Studies have not, however, generally been designed to provide reliable estimates under different circumstances and to correct for within-person variability. The Emerging Risk Factors Collaboration has(More)
The nature of and response to poisonings in the school setting has not been characterized. To define these problems a retrospective review of calls to a Regional Poison Information Center (RPIC) involving school exposures was done for the 1988-89 academic year. 362 cases were reported; 74% were reported by school nurses, 10% by other school employees, 10%(More)
A 3-year-old child weighing 16 kg was given 1/2 of a Centrum Multivitamin tablet. He began choking and gagging and was taken to an emergency department. He was alert and speaking without difficulty but was drooling, gagging, coughing, and unable to swallow. He was transferred to a children's hospital where he continued to drool but had bilaterally clear and(More)