Penelope L Bidgood

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BACKGROUND Fatigue in COPD impairs functional status; however there are few studies examining mechanistic pathways of this symptom. The aims of this study are to compare fatigue between COPD patients and healthy age-matched subjects, and to identify predictors of fatigue in COPD. METHODS Seventy four COPD patients, mean age 69.9 (49-87) yrs, mean (SD) %(More)
INTRODUCTION Subjective fatigue has been recognised as an important, multi-component symptom in COPD. Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) improves fatigue component of the Chronic Respiratory Questionnaire, a quality of life (QoL) measure. However, it is not clear if all fatigue dimensions are affected equally. This study aims to evaluate changes in subjective(More)
Purpose To determine the visual outcome of patients following cataract surgery complicated by vitreous loss and to establish the factors, if any, that influenced the final visual outcome. Methods Retrospective review of all patients over a 1-year period who had planned phacoemulsification complicated by vitreous loss. Information was entered into a(More)
BACKGROUND Successful treatment of HIV-positive patients is fundamental to controlling the progression to AIDS. Causes of treatment failure are either related to drug resistance and/or insufficient drug levels in the blood. Severe side effects, coupled with the intense nature of many regimens, can lead to treatment fatigue and consequently to periodic or(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to investigate Jordanian physicians' perception and attitudes toward generic medicines and generic substitution. It also aimed to examine factors that affect physicians' pattern of prescribing, and to evaluate their opinion regarding future introduction of Electronic Prescribing (EP) in Jordan. METHODS A(More)
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