Penagaluri Balasubramanyam

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The first stereoselective synthesis of (Z)-cryptomoscatone D2, a naturally occurring G(2) checkpoint inhibitor, was accomplished using propane-1,3-diol as the starting material. The Maruoka asymmetric allylation, ring closing metathesis and the hydrogenation of the triple bond employing Lindlar's catalyst were involved as the key steps.
An 8 year old black male is presented as a primary nasal tuberculous granuloma whose roentgenograms of the skull revealed extensive sclerosis of the periorbital region involving the frontal, sphenoid, and petrous bones. The tuberculous meningitis and the osseous sclerosis at the base of the skull were cured with anti-tuberculous therapy.
Treatment of N-tosylaldimines with acetophenone at room temperature in the presence of BF(3).OEt(2) as a catalyst furnished the corresponding N-tosyl beta-amino ketones in high yields (77-86%) within 6-9 h. Subsequent reduction and cyclization of these compounds afforded 2,4-disubstituted N-tosylazetidines, comprising a three-step, high-yielding synthesis(More)
Herein, we report for the first time the design and linear synthesis of a truncated calyculone H (7) that lacks the telltale isopropyl/isopropylene groups, whereas the 12-membered macrocycle remains intact. Key steps for the framework of target molecule include allylic oxidation using SeO2, Sharpless asymmetric epoxidation, Barbier zinc allylation, and(More)
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