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In this study, our aim was to test the usefulness of The Bethesda System for Reporting Thyroid Cytopathology (TBSRTC) in indeterminate lesions in which cytological and histological diagnosis discordance was high and to investigate the contribution of TBSRTC in this indeterminate diagnostic group. The medical records of the patients who presented to the(More)
Darier's disease is a skin disorder characterized by multiple eruptions of hyperkeratosis or crusted papules at seborrheic areas with histologic acantholysis and dyskeratosis. It is caused by mutations in a single gene, being ATP2A2 and that is expressed in the skin and brain. The cooccurrence of various neurologic and psychiatric diseases with Darier's(More)
Obstructive jaundice (OJ) can be defined as cessation of bile flow into the small intestine due to benign or malignant changes. Nesfatin-1, recently discovered anorexigenic peptide derived from nucleobindin-2 in hypothalamic nuclei, was shown to have anti-inflammatory and antiapoptotic effects. This study is aimed to investigate the therapeutic effects of(More)
Crohn's disease may affect any segment of the gastrointestinal tract; however, isolated duodenal involvement is rather rare. It still remains a complex clinical entity with a controversial management of the disease. Initially, patients with duodenal Crohn' s disease (DCD) are managed with a combination of antiacid and immunosuppressive therapy. However,(More)
OBJECTIVE Intraabdominal adhesion is a frequently encountered condition after surgery and can end up in important complications. The objective of this study is to test whether the antiadhesiogenic effect of heparin could be antagonized by administration of protamine in a rat model. MATERIAL AND METHODS A laparotomy with caecal abrasion model was used in(More)
Erkeklerde meme kanseri kadın hastalara göre daha nadir görülmekle birlikte memenin papiller karsinomu tüm erkek meme kanserlerinin %1’ inden azını oluşturur. Transizyonel hücre ile döşenmiş ve nöroendokrin differansiyasyon gösteren memenin solid papiller karsinomu çok nadir bir durumdur. Biz antitüberküloz tedavisi alan ve sol memesinde memenin solid(More)
Angiolipoleiomyoma (ALLM) is a solid tumor that is mostly derived from muscle tissue. It is often located in the kidneys of patients with tuberous sclerosis; ALLMs located outside the kidneys are very rare. Among the rare presentations are cutaneous ALLMs, which manifest as 1- to 4-cm asymptomatic, acquired, solitary, subcutaneous nodules that have a strong(More)
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