Pekka Ukkonen

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We studied 3231 patients with acute central nervous system (CNS) symptoms of suspected viral origin to elucidate the current etiologic spectrum. In 46% of the cases, a viral finding was observed. Varicella-zoster virus (VZV) was the main agent associated with encephalitis, as well as meningitis and myelitis. VZV comprised 29% of all confirmed or probable(More)
Binding and pinocytosis of polyvalent IgG-containing immune complexes by mouse macrophages leads to the selective removal of Fc receptors (FcR) from the cell surface and to the rapid delivery of receptor and ligand to lysosomes, where both are degraded (I. Mellman and H. Plutner, 1984, Journal of Cell Biology, 98:1170-1177). In this paper, we have studied(More)
Mouse macrophage Fc receptors specific for IgG1/IgG2b mediate the binding and pinocytic uptake of soluble IgG-containing antibody-antigen complexes. Internalization of these multivalent IgG complexes is accompanied not only by the intracellular degradation of the ligand, but also by a net decrease in the number of plasma membrane Fc receptors and an(More)
BACKGROUND Antiadhesive compounds are promising candidates for prevention or treatment of infections. We have investigated the efficacy of such an agent, 3'-sialyllacto-N-neotetraose (NE-1530), given intranasally for prophylaxis of acute otitis media and for effect on nasopharyngeal carriage of bacteria. METHODS We did a randomised, double-blind(More)
—An analog baseband chain together with an analog to digital converter (ADC) for a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) receiver implemented in 130nm CMOS technology is presented in this paper. The baseband and the ADC are integrated on a single chip, occupying 1.6mm 2 (I and Q branch) of active silicon area. The baseband is selectable between 50MHz and 160MHz(More)
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