Pekka Salminen

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In this paper we describe a real-life application of an ordinal multicriteria method in the context of choosing a location for a waste treatment facility near Lappeenranta in South-Eastern Finland. The associated environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedure is briefly described. The application was characterized by two interesting properties: no(More)
We describe a real-life application of a new multicriteria method in the context of assisting the decision-making for a general plan in the municipality of Kirkkonummi in Uusimaa, Finland. At the time our group started working on the problem, a proposal for an overall plan had already been completed, but the order in which different regional parts of the(More)
Stochastic Multicriteria Acceptability Analysis (SMAA) is a family of methods to aid decision makers (DMs) in discrete decision making problems. SMAA methods are capable of handling preference information of various types. The imprecise preferences of multiple DMs can for example be represented by a joint probability distribution for criteria weights.(More)
In this paper we describe the data for five real applications of multicriteria methods in the context of environmental problems. The applications are: (1) the choice of a solid waste management system for the Uusimaa region, Finland, (2) for the Jämsä region, Finland, (3) the Oulu region, Finland, (4) locating a waste treatment facility in the Savonlinna(More)