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The “open innovation” model is currently being touted as a superior path for achieving long-term success. Rather than relying on their own, limited resources for research and development in the traditional, closed invention system, firms are encouraged to share knowledge across firm boundaries to enhance their innovative potential. Yet, such sharing may(More)
Applications based on the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), in combination with different communication systems, have significantly helped to increase safety, efficiency and system capacity of operations in different modes of transportation. Here railway transport is no exception, although the number of applications based on GNSS has been(More)
The neighbouring countries, Finland and Sweden, compete in the same market with their aquaculture. Both countries have had, until recently, stringent environmental policies limiting production volumes. During recent years, however, Swedish fish farmers have been able to increase their production volume, and Finnish fish farmers have also redirected their(More)
Coastal and inland water areas in Finland have traditionally been under private ownership in conjunction with possession of land. Most of these water areas are managed jointly by the individual owners. In the late 20 century, an authoritative top-down management regime and regional decision-making layers were established and added to the system of local(More)
The objective of this study is to explore the cross-border acquisitions purchases and sales of Finnish engineering consulting firms during the years of 1997-2006 in terms of the amount of transactions and the geographical distribution of acquiring and target nations. The focus area of the study the technical engineering and consulting business is a(More)
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