Pekka Ruuskanen

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—Passive UHF RFID tag consists of a microchip attached directly to an antenna. Proper impedance match between the antenna and the chip is crucial in RFID tag design. It directly influences RFID system performance characteristics such as the range of a tag. It is known that an RFID microchip is a nonlinear load whose complex impedance in each state varies(More)
A systematic study of the inclusive single heavy quark and heavy-quark pair production cross sections in pp collisions is presented for RHIC and LHC energies. We compare with existing data when possible. The dependence of the rates on the renormalization and factorization scales is discussed. Predictions of the cross sections are given for two different(More)
RHIC-tested predictions for low-p T and high-p T hadron spectra in nearly central Pb+Pb collisions at the LHC Abstract We study the hadron spectra in nearly central A+A collisions at RHIC and LHC in a broad transverse momentum range. We cover the low-p T spectra using longitudinally boost-invariant hydrodynamics with initial energy and net-baryon number(More)
We present a calculation of thermal photon production i.e. photons from secondary interactions among particles produced in heavy ion collisions at collider energies. This is done within the framework of hydrodynamics. We take into account the lack of chemical equilibrium in QGP. It turns out that main effects from chemical non-equilibrium composition of(More)