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We study a two-sided singular control problem in a general linear diffusion setting and provide a set of conditions under which an optimal control exists uniquely and is of singular control type. Moreover, under these conditions the associated value function can be written in a quasi-explicit form. Furthermore, we investigate comparative static properties(More)
We consider the optimal stopping of a class of spectrally negative jump diffusions. We state a set of conditions under which the value is shown to have a representation in terms of an ordinary nonlinear programming problem. We establish a connection between the considered problem and a stopping problem of an associated continuous diffusion process and(More)
We consider a class of optimal stopping problems involving both the running maximum as well as the prevailing state of a linear diffusion. Instead of tackling the problem directly via the standard free boundary approach, we take an alternative route and present a parameterized family of standard stopping problems of the underlying diffusion. We apply this(More)
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