Pekka Kess

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In modern electronics, specifications for products have constantly been tightened due to performance competition. The processes for product development and manufacturing have been developed to meet the tighter specifications and quality requirements. The development of test methods and measurement devices have not been as fast, and as a consequence , the(More)
This paper presents the business enabling network–model and its theoretical base. The basic elements of the model are goal, trust, competence, infrastructure and continuity. The model has been tested in two case networks and the gained results show that the business enabling network-model is appropriate frame to analyse regional network. The business(More)
The article addresses the issues of Supply Chain (SC) performance measurement – the process of qualifying the efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain. The aim of this study is to present a supply chain measurement approaches for manufacturing industry. The research is based on a review of the current understanding of supply chain management and(More)