Pekka E. Hänninen

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New separation-free assay methods for the rapid detection of influenza A and B virus antigens are presented. The methods employ dry-chemistry reagents and the recently developed two-photon excitation (TPX) fluorescence detection technology. According to the assay scheme, virus antigens are sandwiched by capture antibody onto polymer microspheres and(More)
Automated analysis of microscope images is necessitated by the increased need for high-resolution follow up of events in time. Manually finding the right images to be analyzed, or eliminated from data analysis are common day-to-day problems in microscopy research today, and the constantly growing size of image datasets does not help the matter. We propose a(More)
In this Article, the PyImageQualityRanking software source code has been omitted from the Methods section under subheading 'Image Quality Ranking Software'. It should read: " The PyImageQualityRanking software's source code can be downloaded from pyimagequalityranking/. The software is distributed as a standard Python(More)
To elucidate processes in the osteoclastic bone resorption, visualise resorption and related actin reorganisation, a combination of imaging technologies and an applicable in vitro model is needed. Nanosized bone powder from matching species is deposited on any biocompatible surface in order to form a thin, translucent, smooth and elastic representation of(More)
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