Pekka Abrahamsson

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Agile software development methods have caught the attention of software engineers and researchers worldwide. Scientific research is yet scarce. This paper reports results from a study, which aims to organize, analyze and make sense out of the dispersed field of agile software development methods. The comparative analysis is performed using the method's(More)
Press releases, scientific publications and anecdotal evidence demonstrate that organisations worldwide are adopting agile software development methods at increasing speed. Little is still known about the current usefulness of agile methods in the complex environment of the embedded software development industry. Embedded devices are already commonplace in(More)
European Journal of Information Systems (2009) 18, 281–284. doi:10.1057/ejis.2009.27 Agile systems development methods emerged as a response to the inability of previous plan-driven approaches to handle rapidly changing environments (Highsmith, 2002). Originating from the so-called ‘light-weight’ methods and promoted through the publication of the Agile(More)
Extreme programming (XP) is a well known agile software development method. While a number of experience reports have been published in recent years, agile software development in general and XP in particular have strongly been criticized for the lack of empirical data. This paper reports a survey of the empirical data obtained from a controlled case study(More)
Pair programming is a programming technique in which two programmers use one computer to work together on the same task. There is an ongoing debate over the value of pair programming in software development. The current body of knowledge in this area is scattered and unorganized. Review shows that most of the results have been obtained from experimental(More)
Software architecture is taking a bad rap with many agile proponents; big up-front design, massive documentation, smell of waterfall, it is pictured as a non-agile practice, something we do not want to even consider; though everybody want to be called an architect. However, certain classes of system, ignoring architectural issues too long “hit a wall” and(More)
Agile software development practices such as eXtreme Programming (XP) and SCRUM have increasingly been adopted to respond to the challenges of volatile business environments, where the markets and technologies evolve rapidly and present the unexpected. In spite of the encouraging results so far, little is known about how agile practices affect(More)
Estimation of development effort without imposing overhead on the project and the development team is of paramount importance for any software company. This study proposes a new effort estimation methodology aimed at agile and iterative development environments not suitable for description by traditional prediction methods. We propose a detailed development(More)
Mobile phones have been closed environments until recent years. The change brought by open platform technologies such as the Symbian operating system and Java technologies has opened up a significant business opportunity for anyone to develop application software such as games for mobile terminals. However, developing mobile applications is currently a(More)