Pekir Joseph

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Studies which have examined the perception of emotion by schizophrenic patients have produced conflicting results, an outcome which may, in part, be due to difficulties in presenting a realistic portrayal of emotion. This study exposed 32 schizophrenic patients in remission and ten controls to five videotaped scenes of emotional situations played by actors.(More)
Japanese encephalitis virus was isolated from 11 pools of Culex tritaeniorhynchus and a single pool of C. gelidus mosquitoes at a pig-raising area near Jakarta, West Java, Indonesia, during 1972-74. Ten sentinel pigs placed in the area all developed haemagglutination-inhibition antibodies against Japanese encephalitis and the virus was isolated from the(More)
The homeless mentally disordered defendant facing minor charges poses considerable problems regarding appropriate disposal. Psychiatric assessment may be required in order to facilitate the court's decision, but this is often available only after remand in custody. A psychiatric assessment service based at two inner-London magistrates' courts is described.(More)
Two hundred and one referrals to a psychiatric assessment scheme based at two inner-London magistrates' courts were followed up to assess the effect of the scheme on hospital and prison resources. Of the 65 hospital admissions, 50 (77%) derived some or marked benefit from psychiatric treatment. Those who did badly were more likely to be of no fixed abode,(More)
Photofabrication techniques have been used to produce a nickel-iron microelectrode array on Kapton film specifically designed for biological implantation. The probe is 2·5 mm×2 mm and carries four tissue terminals, each 2 μm in width. Both spontaneous and evoked potentials have been recorded from frog sciatic nerve. Developmental possibilities for the probe(More)
Pediatric patients with fever and haemorrhage were studied in Jakarta, Indonesia between May 1973 and January 1974. Eighty-one of 104 demonstrated unequivocable evidence of dengue with clinical findings similar to those reported associated with dengue haemorrhagic fever in Thailand. The majority of patients had extremely high antibody titers against dengue(More)
The homeless mentally ill petty offender is a familiar sight in the Inner London Magistrates' courts and presents a considerable problem regarding appropriate placement. This paper describes a new psychiatric service which transfers the focus of assessment of such offenders from the prison to the magistrates' courts. The service commenced in February 1989(More)