Pejman Sajjadi

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In this paper we present Maze Commander, a two-player game using two different types of interaction. One player uses the Oculus Rift and the other uses the Sifteo Cubes. The game requires effective and efficient communication to win. We also conducted an evaluation. The results show a positive evaluation for the game experience and collaboration, but no(More)
In the context of games for learning, it is argued that taking individual differences among players into consideration during game design can be beneficial for the game and/or learning experience. Researchers have studied a variety of factors that can be used for taking individual differences among players into consideration. Although research work(More)
Website design practice has evolved a lot. Websites are no longer designed from scratch but based on existing designs and patterns, and very often they are implemented using Web Content Management Systems (WCMS). Given all this support, it seems that the traditional web design methods, developed in the past, are no longer relevant. However, we argue that(More)
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