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NF-κB/p65 is retained in the cytoplasm until it is activated in response to stress. Nuclear import of p65 is regulated by importin α in a nuclear localization signal (NLS)-dependent manner. However, the role of importin β family members in the nuclear translocation of p65 is largely unclear. In this study, using high-content siRNA screening, we identified(More)
Autophagy plays an important role in maintaining the cellular homeostasis. One of its functions is to degrade unnecessary organelles and proteins for energy recycling or amino-acids for cell survival. Ablation of autophagy leads to neurodegeneration. Multiple sclerosis (MS), a permanent neurological impairment typical of chronic inflammatory demyelinating(More)
The labeling of newly synthesized DNA in cells to identify cell proliferation is an important experimental technique. The most accurate methods incorporate [(3)H]thymidine or 5-bromo-2'-deoxyruidine (BrdU) into dividing cells during S phase, which is subsequently detected by autoradiography or immunohistochemistry, directly measuring the newly synthesized(More)
Cell-based image analysis of time-lapse imaging is mainly challenged by faint fluorescence and dim boundaries of cellular structures of interest. To resolve these bottlenecks, a novel method was developed based on "retrospective" analysis for cells undergoing minor morphological changes during time-lapse imaging. We fixed and stained the cells with a(More)
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