Peizhong Liu

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Because of not needing training samples and performing the classification just according to the inherent similarity of data in the multidimensional space, unsupervised classification method now gets more and more attention by remote sensing data analyst. Duo to the special growth environment of mangroves, field measurements is difficult to be done to obtain(More)
The novel random forests algorithm with variables random input and random combination (Forest_RI_RC) machine was proposed to improve the weakness of low accuracy and over-fitting phenomenon in single decision tree. The proposed method produces more and more selections and combinations to increase the possibility of the best decision-making features. This(More)
Since a human face could be represented by a few landmarks with less redundant information, and calculated by a linear combination of a small number of prototypical faces, we propose a two-step 3D face reconstruction approach including landmark depth estimation and shape deformation. The proposed approach allows us to reconstruct a realistic 3D face from a(More)
In the paper, a general complex dynamical network with coupling lags is introduced. Then the problem of synchronization stability analysis for the complex dynamical network is further discussed. By use of linear matrix inequalities (LMI), a novel Lyapunov functional is constructed. And then we have obtained a new general stability criterion of(More)
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