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Two-step transmission with artificial noise for secure wireless SIMO communications
We propose a two-step transmission scheme with artificial noise to improve the security and the scheme does not require the channel state information of the eavesdropper. Expand
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A strategy of combining SILAR with solvothermal process for In2S3 sensitized quantum dot-sensitized solar cells
Abstract Pursuit of an efficient strategy for quantum dot-sensitized photoanode has been a persistent objective for enhancing photovoltaic performances of quantum dot-sensitized solar cell (QDSC). WeExpand
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Clustering algorithm in VANETs: A survey
This paper presents a survey of the clustering techniques researched in recent years, including the description of the algorithms, the application of clustering algorithms and their performance. Expand
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A new scheme to improve the secrecy throughput under the constraints of secrecy outage probability and average transmit power
The issue of physical layer security for the wireless communication with slow fading is addressed in this paper, and the secrecy outage performance is concerned. Expand
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A cluster-based multichannel MAC protocol for throughput sensitive applications in VANETs
The IEEE 1609.4 protocol adopts the alternating channel access mechanism, in which the synchronization interval is separated into control channel interval and service channel interval. Expand
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Indoor clothing insulation and thermal history: A clothing model based on logistic function and running mean outdoor temperature
Abstract Predicting the pattern of clothing adjustment to climate change can provide important basis for thermal comfort and energy consumption analysis. This study proposed a clothing model (IC-RMExpand
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Uncertainty in the Forecast of Net Load Ramp in CAISO Region