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When many protein sequences are available for estimating the time of divergence between two species, it is customary to estimate the time for each protein separately and then use the average for all proteins as the final estimate. However, it can be shown that this estimate generally has an upward bias, and that an unbiased estimate is obtained by using(More)
Flexible optically rewritable reflective TN LC display based on photoalignment technology has been demonstrated. The rewritable display does not require any electronic scheme, power supply, or conductive layers, when operating. Such a display can erase and write images for many times because of LC alignment reorientation onto one photoalignment layer under(More)
The principles for intrinsic greyscale generation and stabilization of bistable photoaligned FLCD are discussed and investigated. In order to realize these principles, the passive matrix driving scheme for FLCD is proposed and studied. Passive 160×160 matrix addressing photoaligned 5µm reflective FLC display (48mm×46mm) with high contrast and 4 memorized(More)
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