Peiyuan Sun

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BACKGROUND Consumer and patient participation proved to be an effective approach for medical pictogram design, but it can be costly and time-consuming. We proposed and evaluated an inexpensive approach that crowdsourced the pictogram evaluation task to Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) workers, who are usually referred to as the "turkers". OBJECTIVE To(More)
A key problem for crowd-sourcing systems is motivating contributions from participants and ensuring the quality of these contributions. Games have been suggested as a motivational approach to encourage contribution, but attracting participation through game play rather than scientific interest raises concerns about the quality of the data provided, which is(More)
Online Social Network (OSN) has become an important platform where people share their life and opinions nowadays, which is followed by security problems especially privacy leakage. Contents generated by OSN users can be browsed and shared by friends or even strangers, which may contain their privacy information and leads to a high risk of privacy leakage.(More)
OpenCL is an open standard for portable, parallel programming across heterogeneous platforms. In this paper, we presented how to implement and optimize Prestack Kirchhoff Time Migration algorithm, which is one of the most widely adopted imaging methods for seismic data processing, on OpenCL and GPGPU. We introduced how to port the original CUDA program to(More)
Prediction and clustering are two fundamental and important problems in the analysis of social network. Most existing work are based on unsigned network which regards all the relationships as nonnegative proximity. However, employing these work directly on signed network is not obvious. In recent years, some approaches have been proposed for prediction and(More)
Multisets and multirelations arise naturally in modeling. In this paper, we present a sound and practical mathematical framework, which encodes multisets and multirelations using only ordinary sets and total functions. We implement the encoding as a mutliconcepts library in Alloy, which is declarative, compatible with ordinary sets and relations, and can be(More)
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