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BACKGROUND Internal migrant workers are a large population in China. Current health related studies among this population mainly focused on infectious disease, maternal health and occupational diseases and injuries. However, very limited studies were paid attention to mental health of migrant workers though it is an important public health issue. AIMS The(More)
BACKGROUND China has been experiencing the largest rural to urban migration in history. Rural-to-urban migrants are those who leave their hometown for another place in order to work or live without changing their hukou status, which is a household registration system in China, categorizing people as either rural residents or urban residents. Rural-to-urban(More)
AIM Respondent-driven Sampling (RDS) is a new form of chain-referral sampling, which is superior to random sampling and traditional non-probability sampling in hard-to-reach populations. We employed RDS to recruit internal migrant workers in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, and examined whether it could be successfully used in this population. METHODS(More)
In this paper, we presented a technical framework to calculate the turn delays on road network with floating car data (FCD). Firstly the original FCD collected with GPS equipped taxies was cleaned and matched to a street map with a distributed system based on Hadoop and MongoDB. Secondly the refined dataset was distributed and matched to the specific(More)
School-based prevention programs are not common in China and the attempts to modify successful Western prevention programs have largely shown little effect. Distinct cultural and social systems differences could explain why modified programs have been unsuccessful. Smoking behavior is examined from the perspective of Chinese adolescents as part of the(More)
BACKGROUND Few studies have focused on depression and social support in Eastern populations, especially women in rural China. Our research investigated depression among women in rural China, and studied the relationships between social support and depression. METHODS We recruited women ages 16 years and older from north Sichuan. Participants completed(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to describe the health behaviors of earthquake victims related to gastrointestinal and respiratory infectious diseases in the centralized transitional earthquake resettlement sites in Wenchuan, China; and to identify key factors related to health behaviors that may inform local infectious diseases prevention and control(More)
Web texts, such as web pages, BBS, or microblogs, usually contain a great amount of real-time traffic information, which can be expected to become an important data source for city traffic collection. However, due to the characteristics of ambiguity and uncertainty in the description of traffic condition with natural language, and the difference of(More)
BACKGROUND In this paper, we report findings regarding the prevalence of expressed distress and depressive conditions among women living in a rural region of Sichuan Province. As well, we know of no data among women in rural China that examine whether "depression," as categorically defined in classifications such as the DSM, adequately captures the(More)