Peiyuan Gong

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We present a device for stretching cells adhering to elastic membranes in equiaxial or uniaxial mode, meanwhile allowing real-time imaging of molecular dynamics of live cells at high resolution on an inverted microscope during the entire process of the stretch. We obtained high-resolution images of stress fibers at each stage of the stretch, and found that(More)
Different tissues have specific mechanical properties and cells of different geometries, such as elongated muscle cells and polygonal endothelial cells, which are precisely regulated during embryo development. However, the mechanisms that underlie these processes are not clear. Here, we built an in vitro model to mimic the cellular microenvironment of(More)
Different cell types make up tissues and organs hierarchically and communicate within a complex, three-dimensional (3D) environment. The in vitro recapitulation of tissue-like structures is meaningful, not only for fundamental cell biology research, but also for tissue engineering (TE). Currently, TE research adopts either the top-down or bottom-up(More)
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